Noella: How Rachel’s Ride Affects Rwandan Students

This past year, Rachel Fitz had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda and see firsthand the impact that Rachel’s Ride has on Rwandan students through Wellspring’s work in education. She connected with a young girl, Noella, who attends Gabana Groupe Scolaire. In Rachel’s words:

I’d like to tell you about Noella. Noella is a beautiful strong girl in Grade 10 in the Gasabo school district of rural Rwanda. Though we’ve only met once, the connection between us was instant. When we hugged, we had a mutual respect, love, and appreciation for each other.

Looking at us, you wouldn’t think that we have much in common, other than our age. She lives in rural Rwanda; I live in the city of Surrey. An ocean and two continents divide us.

Yet because of Wellspring, we are both achieving our dreams. Noella dreamed of having a good education. Her dream of being safe at school came true. Instead of beating her and her classmates, Noella’s teachers now instruct her lovingly, respectfully, and skillfully.

And my dreams? Wellspring has mentored me, and made it possible to achieve my dreams of working for justice by helping kids like Noella get the education they deserve. Wellspring is working together with the parents, teachers, and the whole school community, teaching them that by joining together they can solve their own problems. They can grow gardens, and build kitchens so that students can eat lunch at school.

The fact that Noella finally enjoys going to school and is being equipped to fulfill her dreams, and the fact that Rachel’s Ride has helped make this possible, brings joy to all of us.

This is why I love Wellspring, and this is why I’m asking you to join us at Rachel’s Ride, to keep fulfilling the dreams of my Rwandan friends.

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